fivedayslater (fivedayslater) wrote in hold_the_tomato,

Introduction Post~

Welcome to hold_the_tomato, the America/Romano community! Comment below to introduce yourselves so we can all have fun and happy good times. :Db

First things first: we need a layout, banner, ect. And I'm not very good with, you know, graphic design and all that, volunteers would be awesome. :D

In fact, any volunteers at all to help me run this thing would be awesome, since my default setting is clueless, I'm a bit of a slacker, and I have no idea what I'm doing. -_-;; Seriously folks, I could use some help.

Also, you can put any suggestions and stuff here as well. C:

Have fun~
Tags: !mod post, cosplay, discussion, fanart, fanfic

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